Saturday, June 27, 2009

Virginia! It's drowning!

Just got back from Virginia, with Hillcrest Church. We went down with about 22 people and we ran a small summer camp down there. I got to do games, same as last time I was there. I decided to stick with water balloons this time and it was a great time, but there are a couple of things you need to know about water balloons.
One being it takes a crazy amounts of time to fill them up and to reach a good number of balloons that will be fun for the kids. Over the years I have perfected my technique of filling and tying water balloons, but I found on this trip it still wasn’t fast enough! So out of necessity me and my friends came up with this. Take a look at this video of a new way to fill water balloons that will change the biz forever! This is Thursday the day before we leave. We had to fill sooo many, because the last day we promised the kids a water balloon fight! Sorry that it is sideways. The camera man didn’t know who to work the blackjack two.

The day of the big water balloon fights! It’s about 6:15 in the morning in this video.

Later that day at the first water balloon fight! It is with 5th and 6th graders.

When you see Drew V. in this video there were 3 other leaders that got hit that hard if not harder with balloons. The list includes me, Chris, and Alex! If it looks like it hurt it is because it did. I got jacked at least 3 times!! Haha.

The end of the last day. 3 different fights ranging from k-6th grade! It was a blast. Someone asked me was it worth it…not only was it worth it, I will do it again! That’s a promise!

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