Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Water balloons is a Federal Offense, just like murder!" CHIC 09

Now these next few videos are so funny, because of how serious the situation became. It started off so light and fun, and ended terrible.

Movie 1 Movie 2

Ask me about all that happened in the middle, and I will tell you a great story!!

This last video just shows me a few moments after getting in trouble with security. I was frustrated, but I had a respectful out look on the whole situation. Of course that was after I took this video about 4 times, because I was so mad about how the treated me!!! But God calmed my heart, and well take a watch:

Video 3


  1. Teej,
    Okay I know that this was kinda serious and the story in between was, well, weird. Still the memories are priceless!

  2. You are right!! I will be telling that story for years to come!!