Saturday, July 18, 2009

Last Day and God brought the Noise!! CHIC 09

This speaker was really good!! He said some awesome things!

A Guide to Nurturing Good Reception with God

Find a place where the reception is good. Select minimum 33 minutes per day to be quiet.

Turn off cell phone-no texting, talking or music.
Do this alone
Select a time and place where no one can disturb you.
Be still or if walking, walk slowly.
Divide the 33 minutes into segments.

Conversations with God:

1. Start with quieting the body and the mind (3 min)
- Think only of God and His goodness
- Think on the beauty of His creation
- Say nothing, sing nothing, do nothing

2. Find a song or chorus of praise or worship (3 min)
- Sing a song that is directed to the goodness and greatness of God.
- Don’t be afraid to make up your own song.
- Use a Psalm, hymnal or chorus book that has songs of worship
- “Our Father Who is in Heaven…, Hallowed be your name…, Your Kingdom come…”

3. Offer thanksgiving vocally and/ or mentally for anything that reminds you of the goodness of God (3 min)
-Give thanks for all the people and things that have sustained your life and given you hope.
-Remind yourself of answered prayers.
-Give thanks for God’s word and the opportunity to talk with Him.
-“Your will be done, you kingdom come…”

4.Examine yourself and ask forgiveness for wrongs you have done or things you should have done but did not do (3 min)
- Take this time to reflect on the mercy of God to forgive
- Think on your dependence on Jesus and the helping hand of the Holy Spirit.
- This is the place to forgive and to think how to rectify my offense to others.
- “Forgive us our Trespasses…”

5. Give thought to a passage of Scripture (6 min)
- Select a chapter, book or devotional that you can use daily.
- Prayerfully plan you reading.
- Read, and then meditate on the verses. Do not try to read too much.
- Write down the scriptures that appear to have more meaning to you.
- Speak the scripture to yourself, several times

6. Offer thanksgiving for the words that you have read in No. 5 (3min)
-Repeat the scriptures in the form of a thanksgiving offering.
- Ask the Holy Spirit to make these words real to you.

7. Offer you petitions and intercessions-prayer request to God (3 min)
- Sometimes it is good to have these written down to keep focus.
- Ask for you needs according to His will-think about what the scriptures says about these needs.
- Let your primary focus be on the needs of others instead of your own.
- “Give us this day our daily bread…, Lead us no into temptation…”

8. Journal several applications of the scriptures you have read or written down (3 min)
- Ask yourself-How does this apply to me? What is God saying to me?
- Make sure you place the time and date on your journal entry.

9. Sit quietly again, writing any additional impressions that come to you (3 min)
- Acknowledge that you are in His presence to listen.
- Keep your focus on the presence of God
- Keep acknowledging the presences of the Holy Spirit in you.

10. End you time with a combination of thanksgiving and praise (3 min)
-Repeat previous song
- Give thanks for the scriptures and for wisdom
- Give thanks for His presence
- “For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory…”

Take what you want from this. Just something to help with your prayer and alone time with God!

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