Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Last Supper

Today my friend and roommate came to Hillcrest Covenant Church Blue Valley. I asked him a couple weeks ago if he wanted to speak and he said, “Yes!” He did a great job! Greg and I lead worship and Daniel spoke. It was kind of cool seeing all of us doing different things for the Lord this morning. All leading ministry in one way or another, and God working through all of our gifts and talents to help teens understand a little more about Him. Daniel said some great things and really challenged the kids. He spoke on Ephesians 2:1-5 you should read it. He did a great job, but that’s not what this blog is about.
After church we all went to Pepperjack Grill for lunch. While we were eating Daniel told us that he was moving his bed today, and that he would be sleeping at his parents house the rest of the week. This took us by surprise to say the least. Knowing this was our last meal with Daniel before he leaves for Texas was a sad an emotional thing.
So we shot this little video letting you guys know how we feel about Daniel, and Daniel sharing a little something…


  1. im the most disgusting person alive haha. great video. im gonna miss DL a ton!

  2. The video was good only because me two best bubs were in it. DL will be a friend of mine long after this day!!

  3. Greg, I agree, you're gross. It also looked like you were trying to lean into the video shot before TJ put you in it... like you're a camera whore. oh wait ... you are.

    TJ this is the greatest post to date! Love it and love your roomates!

  4. haha Alica that comment is freaking funny!!

  5. i live to be in the spotlight, what can i say!!!