Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Manny! From the 3 point line...

I and my roommates live in the apartments on 91st and Metcalf. No not the yellow ones, but the ones behind Cinzetti’s. Over the past year we have been able to get to know our neighbors, and it has been really fun to be apart of some of their lives (Conner in particular). Down stairs is our neighbor Manny. He has a daughter and wife that are both so nice. We have been able to get to know him, but not that well. Trying to find a common interest with some with a family and 10-15 years older than you is really hard, but we always kept conversations open with him in hopes of one day getting to know him better and possibly sharing the gospel with him. As months passed and our relationship never consisting of more than hi and bye I felt a desire for more but without that common interest there was no hope…or was there.

One year from moving in...maybe we weren't suppose to be friends

On the nicest day ever...i was thinking about ice cream more than talking.

Both leaving at the same time...i had somewhere to go, so did he.

Something happened...where God took control.

I was in the parking lot this afternoon and Manny was getting something from his car. I was getting in my car when Manny said,”Hey, look at my skills!” I turned around just in enough time to see Manny sink a 50 ft jump fade away with a small piece of paper into the apartment's trash can!! He smiles at me and then goes about his business. I could have done the same, but my mind started to wonder. Was this a fluke, was the wind blowing in his favor, or was Manny a natural born Mexican basketball player! “Hey Manny do you play?” I asked already knowing the answer. He shook his head yes, and this started our new relationship. Two supposedly different people connected by such a simple sport like basketball. You know God does move. All that to say that Manny is playing basketball with me and my roommates this week :)


  1. one of my dreams has just come true.
    miss you bro. hope to see you soon.
    but in the meantime - i'm pumped to read a little!

  2. welcome to the blog world!

    i cant wait to play some ball with manny. maybe we can get big bird to come along too! haha.