Thursday, February 26, 2009

Because facebook isn’t good enough!!

Because facebook isn’t good enough is why I write this blog tonight. One of my good friends Alicia I have always enjoyed since I have known her. Not saying that we haven’t gone through our rough patches, but I say over the past year I have really grown to love her as a great friend.
Sometimes after we hang out, I have felt so glad to have spent that time with her that I have hopped on facebook and changed my status or written something on her wall. Here are some examples of things I have written:

• Chilling with Alicia was so fun, so fun. One of my most favorite people!

• No Alicia thank you. Today was life changing to some degree and that was because of you. So I say thank you for being my friend.

• You are awesome, awesome, awesome, and have become one of my favorite people :)

• ALICIA IS COMING BACK. YESSSSS!!! My life can get back to normal. I can't wait to see ya girl.!!

• Alicia I am sooooooo glad I get to see you almost everyday!

These are just a few things I have said over the past year and an even smaller fraction of what I actually feel. So I have taken sometime to really say what a great friend Alicia is, and how I feel sooo lucky to spend the amount of time I have with her. I will do this the only way I know how. A story…

From working with her at Hillcrest to her being there with me when I purchased my new phone, there have been countless times that Alicia has been a part of my life. The most recent time we have spent together has been particularly fun.
This past Tuesday we set aside some time to hangout, because she had been gone all weekend on the middle school ski trip. We had bible study that afternoon, and afterwards we were going to get something to eat and talk until Blake Franklin’s basketball game. Earlier that day at a staff meeting we wanted to go to Blanc Burgers + Bottles on 105th and mission, but felt it was out of our price range. That afternoon Alicia and I still had a craving for gourmet burgers so we decided to go there. If you haven’t been there you should go, it is a really fun, hip place. We walk in and a small Indian girl takes us to our seats. One thing that is kind of weird about this place are the tables in the far back are awkwardly close to each other, so we sit down and there is no more than 1 ½ feet from the couples to our right and left. It wasn’t too bad, because we were focused so much in our conversation with each other. We ordered our food and talked about numerous things. It was a really fun dinner. As time passed people came and left, and after we had gotten our food and prayed a new couple came and sat down to my right. Not thinking much of them we started our next conversation, and still to this day, 3 days later I don’t know how we got on this topic, but we started talking about boys and girls and how difficult the opposite sex has been for us. One day you will hear what I said but we were going back and forth on how guys aren’t sensitive enough and how heartless girls are. I guess the couple next to us found this conversation very stimulating, because they started making eye contact with us. The women started looking at me and the man started looking at Alicia. I tried to play it off like I didn’t notice them, but it was so hard! At one point the guy leaned over and took a sip of my root beer and a bite of my hamburger! They shook their heads in agreement to some things we said and shook their heads in disagreement to other things we said.
The bill finally came and I was ready to get the heck out of there. I asked the guy next to me to leave a tip, because of how involved he was in the process of me eating my food and talking with Alicia jk haha. I took my debt card out and paid for our meal (the gentlemanly thing to do.) When the guy saw I was paying he looked over to Alicia and started shaking his head yes, yes!! Like he thought even though we had disagreements on some things that these two silly kids are going to make it. I just can’t help laughing thinking about it now. It really was one of the most awkward dinners I have ever had, but I had a great time with Alicia that night.
We left and had to pick up a friend of mine before we headed to Blake’s game, and I also had to pick up some cash for us to get into the game. We stopped by Price Chopper right up from my friends house and went in to the ATM. Alicia went to the restroom while I got some cash out. As we were walking out I thought it might be easier if I drove her car since I knew where my friend lived and where the game was so I asked, “Alicia do you mind if I drive.” She thought this was soooo funny and said that no one had ever asked to drive her car before. As she handed me the keys I was laughing and said, “I think we are at that point in our relationship where I can drive your car.” The two guys in front of us turned around and looked at us like we shouldn‘t be laughing or something. I gave them a look like WHAT can’t I drive my girls car if I want. Back off me son!
We picked up my friend and on the way over to the game Alicia seemed a little nervous in letting me drive her car, but that quickly left and she became comfortable. Clicking through her i pod she leans on the arm rest which puts her a little closers to me and I just think Alicia is just one of the coolest girls I know. We are bouncing to the music as we pull into the parking lot, and go into an absolutely packed gym. We see Brady Anderson and Brent Neihart and sit next to them. Alicia sits behind me next to Mr. and Ms. Hamilton and we all watch the game. Our bosses Tim and Nate come with there oldest kids after a while and sit a couple rows in front of us. From time to time Alicia puts her hand on my back leaning in to tell me something, like “Will just ate something off the floor!” or “Nate bought some sunflower seeds and a 72 ounce drink”, or Tim and Caleb did something funny. It was such a fun night! The game ended and we left and headed back to her car.
We pulled into the parking lot of Panera around 9pm and we get out to go to our cars. I give Alicia a hug and my friend says bye to her. My friend and I get into my car and head over to my apartment. As we drive home he is cracking jokes on how comfortable Alicia and I seemed that night. I just smiled not saying anything just thinking that night was great and that Alicia is one of the tightest girls I know and one of my favorite friends. I get home hop on facebook and change my facebook status to something like this: “Chilling with Alicia was so fun, so fun!!!! One of my most favorite people!!!”
I couldn’t tell you everything I look for in a good friend, but when I do think about it I compare any new friends to my old friend Alicia. I couldn’t tell you what I look for in a good friend, but I know you have to like spending time with that person. All this to say that Alicia is great! I thank God everyday for her and all the fun times we have had and will have.

Because facebook wasn’t good enough, and neither is this but it is a start.


  1. TEEJ!!!

    I love love LOVE spending time with you too! This was a perfect story of our night!! You are the tighest guy I know and I'm sooooo glad you're one of my closest friends!

  2. TJ, you're hilarious! I was LOLing through most of the blog.