Saturday, November 7, 2009

LOVE is in the air, and so is DANCING!!

Yesterday I had the chance to go to my friends Dan and Sarah's wedding it was so much fun! I shot a few videos to capture the night and paint a small picture. I took all this video on my blackjack so it isn't the best, but you will get the picture.

The first one here is me in the Chapel at Hillcrest Covenant Church right down the hall from where the two got married. I went in there to play a little piano and get myself and you bloggers in the mood for the wedding!

This next video is of Dan and Sarah's kiss at the end of the ceremony! Weddings go so fast now a days. There wedding was no more then 25 min! It was awesome! Take a look, and see how happy they are...

This video is by far my fav. I was outside the reception in the parking lot, and knowing it would be a little crazy inside I wanted to shoot a video of me dancing before I got in. Haha the cool thing is I am not that bad of a dancer. People usually don't get to see themselves dance! I love to dance and I was really excited about dancing at the wedding, but I ended having to leave at 10 and the music they were playing before that wasn't good for breaking it down like I do in this vid! So I still got the dance bug this morning and soon one of you watching this is going to have to go get there groove on with me in a club!! Talking to Laurey and Alicia! I wish I could have danced with you girls, sorry it didn't work out, but I know you had fun with out me :) Anyways here is the vid turn it up and get your dance on people!!

Congrats Dan and Sarah on starting your life together, and allowing me to be a part of it! God bless you guys!!

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