Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WOW!! I am on fire right now!!!

About a month ago me and a group of friends started collecting baseball cards again!

My parents were moving to Tennessee and I had to get my things out of their apartment. I grabbed my old baseball cards the only thing left there that I really cared about. On the way home I stopped by middle school lunch and brought some of my cards in for the guys to look at. It brought back great memories of collecting and how much we loved the game of baseball. From that day me, Adam cooper, Grant Morris, Brady Anderson, and Brent Niehart started collecting cards again hard core. I spent tons of money in hopes of landing a card that was awesome!! And then August, 11 2009 came rolling around and everything changed, big time!! Take a look at this video out...

Haha isn't that crazy!! I have been on fire!! I went skydiving, and then picked one of the most expensive cards out there up! It has been an exciting several days for me! I can't wait to see what happens next!! SIXES!! Help me decide on what I should do about the card! Should I sell it now, and get what I can get, or do I wait to see if he could be one of the greatest pitches of all time! His name is Stephen Strasburg, look him up and help me decide!!



    keep it forever. buy a house with that business.

  2. sell it. pitchers taken 1 or 2 in the draft never pan out. unleash that mug and pay the rent.

  3. Here are some other response people:

    Andrew Chau: The tough thing to do would be to save it for a rainy day but thats what i would do

    Mary Kay Hamilton: I'm thinking God provided the card for you to meet needs now, who knows what/when/where the future will bring? If you have $$ commitments, this is your chance to pay them and keep moving forward

    Ralph Sweatte:Keep until his first MLB no hitter.

    Adam Paul CooperI COMPLETELY AGREE WITH MARY...totally from God...except i think you should ignore the current payments and cash it in for $6,666 in a couple decades. SIXES.

    TJ TryphonasHAHAHA Sixes!! I am with you Adam!! Wait and see if God turns what looks like a small blessing into a huge blessing!!!

    Adam Paul CooperHe can move mountains TJ. of course stephen will be a hall of famer. can you say MLB strike out record? can you say lowest ERA of all time?! can you say WASHINGTON NATIONALS world series CHAMPS in 2010!??!

    I just don't know what to do!?!?